Heeeeyyyy! I’m still alive. ^o^ I’m on summer vacation finally… waiting ’til August so I can go to 7th grade (Yip.Eee. -_-).
So… welcome to my new site! Not a lot of kids under thirteen have their own domain with their name, and just their name. They may have a live journal… or blogger… or xanga, but I bet most forget about it within a few days.
The layout right now isn’t the greatest… but soon it’ll be all nice and customized, so, that’s all cool.
So far this summer… I’ve done not a whole lot. I went to go see Star Wars yesterday, which was pretty cool. I thought Anakin looked like a half-slaughtered turkey when he was lying on the rock… just a, if you could really call it this, a torso and a head… Yuuuck. The day before that I saw The Shining. Jesus, that movie is creepy!! I got freaked out the most with Grady’s daughters… Y’know, “Hello Danny. Why don’t you come and play with us? We can play forever and ever and ever and ever…” or something like that. And at the end when Danny was, like…. out of it. He was Tony, not Danny. And all he kept doing was chanting “Red rum, red rum, red rum… RED RUM! RED RUM!! RED RUM!!!”. Luckily I didn’t have nightmares… I just woke up in the middle of the night to the image of Jack going, “Here’s Johnny!!”. And there was this weird (suposedly) added scene where Wendy (I think is her name…) is running around the house away from Jack, and she hears chanting, and she sees this ghost. Well, from far away and upclose I thought it looked like a person in a dog suit, which immeadietly reminded me of Shuichi from my favorite anime/manga Gravitation, in his dog suit which he wears when he’s looking for Yuki (his novelist boyfriend).
Aaaaannnyyyways… Yeah. Nothing. So… I’m going to stop blabbering away about whatever happend to me, and let you move on with the thought that Dylan *will* have a new video soon.
Au revoir!