Videobloggers And World, Meet Lauren.

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It seems like someone has taken my place as the Youngest Videoblogger In The World. World, meet my younger sister Lauren, age eight.

You are awesome, Lauren (even though you bug me sometimes ;x).

5 thoughts on “Videobloggers And World, Meet Lauren.

  1. How sweet!
    See, I wouldn’t have been a good older sister and shared my reign of “Youngest Vidoeblogger in the World.”
    But then again… I’m not an older sister.
    It’s okay though, you were on the news, lol.
    Play nice!

  2. Wow, I agree with Kelsey here. No way would I give up my title of the “Youngest Videoblogger.” I’m not a “youngest” anything, but certainly any titles I have are mine. ALL MINE!.

    No really, that’s nice of you to give away your title like that. Now you have to change the Heading of you blog :)


  3. Good for you to give your sister a chance! But now this will cause others to get their kid brothers/sisters blogging at ever younger ages! Soon there will be a five year old blogger, a three year old blogger, then a one year old blogger. Finally, some smart aleck will come along with a blogger that hasn’t been born yet.

    Anyway, you were the first. And first means something. And in this world nowadays, it’s hard to be first in anything.

    As the Japanese would say, “ichiban totemo ii yo!” — “Being number one is great!”

    Ganbatte! (good luck!)

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