12 thoughts on “TOYS OF OUR LIVES

  1. Yay, Dylan!

    My favorite part is the close-up and confused bark of the dog (during the fight).

    Keep the vlogs coming.

    -Matt S.

  2. What will become of Sally, uh, ir, I mean Jenny.. the dog, and pseudo-monogamous Jeff….

    Will we find out on another installment of Toys of Our Lives? That was funny. :)

  3. Holy canoli… I started watching vlogs recently, and sadly most of them are poop. But fortunately I found this one, and it is not poop. It’s incredible… Dylan, you’re insane in the good way. Keep on being crazy and making crazy stuff. Thanks!

  4. Love the insane violence. It’s also fun to light plastic dolls on fire, but you should only do that outside in the middle of a toxic waste dump. But they melt really cool.

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