The Empire State Building

Click here to watch the movie.

Wow… Long time no video. ^^;
I SWEAR I will be doing more, because Friday at 3:30 PM Central timezone marks the beginning of SPRING BREAK. Wee!
Anyways, this is The Dylan Show with Grandma and Michael episode 2, The Empire State Building! Yaaaaaahhh….

7 thoughts on “The Empire State Building

  1. Awesome!
    I’ve never been to the Empire State Building… but it looked pretty awesome… and cold.

    And lucky you that spring break starts on Friday, mine doesn’t start until the 18th.


  2. Dylan you are so funny. Was that your Jar Jar face? I thought it was funny how you thought the view from the Empire State building was nice, but it was just too cold for you to really enjoy it.

  3. In all my sixty years, I’ve never seen the statue of liberty from the angle you provided in your film. Pretty cool stuff young lady!

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