15 thoughts on “The Dylan Show With Grandma and Michael!

  1. Great Video. Reminded me a ton of my childhood trips of grandma’s house. I think i am becomming a regular fan of this blog :D

    =^-_-^= I know you dig the Japanese stuff so here ya go. It was pretty popular back in the day in Japanese Forumns and chats. Japanese chatters have awesome emoticons :D

  2. Cute!

    Nice tribute to the Carol and Steve show. Quite funny, maybe it should have been the Grandma Show… she was driving you know.

    Anywho, again, kawaii!

  3. Dylan,

    I didn’t catch what the above poster wrote before you deleted it, but judging from his/her name alone, it was probably pretty nasty.

    Try not to let it get to you too much. You’ve got fans out here who enjoy what you’re doing. Count me as one of them.

    Much respect,
    Matt S.

  4. Why would someone waste time writing hurtful or obscene comments to a young person like that.
    I didn’t see the comments either, but can only imagine.

    Dylan, this was a fun video. My family used to have a Fox-Terrior mix and we could get him to howl by repeating his name over and over and a high pitch, Was cool.



  5. Dylan,

    Shame on the poster posting some nasty stuff — hopefully the administrator got to it before you did.

    Video was good but I’d be interested for your Dad to explain what software he used to make the animated titles. Adobe Premiere or what? There’s a good piece of software out there called Muvee AutoProducer that takes your video segments and automatically edits them together in a number of stylized formats – grainy old movie style, fast music video style, valentine style, and so on and allows you to add titles in your fonts and sizes but it doesn’t do the twirling like the one in your Poconos video.

    Tell your grandma she’s a good driver! We all saw a lot of her driving skills. Later.

  6. Very cool.

    You should do some stuff on anime. I know you like it a lot. I am the Emcee for Katsucon, a big anime con here in DC, and I thought, “Hey, maybe her Dylan and her dad could come and do some stuff about the convention… and I’ll put her onstage…” but by the time I started reading your blog, the guest list was long done, and all budgets were spent :(.

    Maybe next year.

  7. Hey, Dylan’s Dad here. We worked on the video together but I did the titles with a program made by Apple, called Motion. I like it alot. It doesn’t have as many features as After Effects but it’s much cheaper and gives you way better previews of your animations.

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