Summer Days

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My dad says I was sucked into the Neopets vortex, but Super hero dad pulled me out, and HERE.I.AM.
So, this video. When all of your friends are out, that or you’re just to lazy to call them, summer vacation is really, really boring. I must click the refresh button at least, /at least/, four thousand times per day. I wouldn’t doubt more.

Music credits go to Do As Infinity. Song name is “Summer Days”… of course.

9 thoughts on “Summer Days

  1. I don’t know what neo-pets are…but they seem very strange. Summer break can be boring…but pretty soon you will have a job during the summer to ruin it fo you.

  2. Yeah, so I definately tried the whole neopets thing, but I really suck at it. How was I supposed to know I had to feed my kau? But I think Hamburger is still alive… anywho, it’s hard, how do these 5 year olds do it? ;)

  3. HEY Dylan,

    my dad sent me a link to your vlog, and i am glad he did, it is interesting, also, i had never heard of vlogging. i like like neopets, although i haven’t got very far yet
    if u want, have a kwik look thru my blog-

    just thought id leave a msg 2 ya

    more commonly known as jagz

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