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  1. Hi Dylan. Just hooked-up to your blog today and am in the process of catching-up, but wanted to quickly say how impressed I am. A breath of fresh air, indeed.

    It is a good sign for civilization to find individuals, such as yourself, with such a healthy outlook. You might find this link interesting…
    Young-Expressions MagazineAlso a forum geared towards forward-thinking, artistic, creative young people. :)
    Back to catching-up…


  2. Well Dylan,
    Now I have gone back and read most of your archived entries and I am more sure you would enjoy the group I linked above.

    I see that you are into photography, as well. Check out my site when you have time tkopics.com. Do you have samples of your photography anywhere, or are you just a fan of photography?

    Stay cool,

  3. yo dylan
    yeah make us some videos!
    i want to see your interviews from the vlogger party.
    i’m curious, what did you ask the other vloggers?
    did they tell you the dark secrets of their video pasts?

    oh yeah
    and burn me some j-pop.
    i’ll burn you something cool too

  4. Dylan,

    Since you are into Japanese, I thought this site might be interesting — there’s a school to learn Japanese in Las Vegas and each week they (George and Keiko) put out a show in which they discuss some topic — J-Pop or Japanese culture (Halloween or Christmas there) and they speak in English with some Japanese thrown in for people to learn. It’s the best website out there in my opinion to have fun with Japanese. Anyhow, take a look — there’s a free show to download, then you can either buy the shows one by one or buy a subscription.

    Here’s the link: http://www.georgeandkeiko.com

    They also have another site dedicated to learning Japanese — http://www.yesjapan.com that is fun to look at if you like the idea of learning Japanese.

  5. Hey there :D

    The name is shiimadragon aka Cimadragon aka tons of other wacky names but anywho i just wanted to let you know that on the new episode of my podcast which can be found at http://www.shiimadragontech.com i will be making a mention of your blog.

    I really think what you are doing here is cool and that more younger people should get into podcasting and video blogging to let there voices be known.

    If you would like to send me any kind of press kit with some basic info on your blog, why you do this, things like that just shoot me a e-mail to WSDRadio@Gmail.com and i’ll make sure to add some of into my report of your blog.

    Keep j-rocking and j-popping :D

    Thanks for your time.

  6. I’ll put the interviews up along with other video soon. And, as soon as I ask how to, I’ll give you some J-Pop and J-Rock. :)

    Ooh, I’ll have to check out those sites. ^^

    Yay! I’m going to be mentioned on a podcast. Haha, thanks. I’ll be sure to check it out. I don’t have a pres kit, by the way. I’ll get back to you on that once I figure out what it is and make one. ^^;;;

  7. I didn’t actualy figure you would have a press kit but its always good to ask ;) If you happen to want to make something up here is a good place to get basics. Its on making one for a band but it works ok in this case too. I am actualy working on making one myself for a new more professional podcast i am working on developing.

    Check the info out here

    Peace and i’ll make sure to tell you when the podcast goes live so you can check it out and hit me over the head if i say something wrong :D

  8. Oh man thats so freekin’ cool. N.Y. looks so awsome. But yeah this is the second time I’ve come to your blog. My name is michael And you enspired me to have my own blog. You know my older brother mark whos a mentor at say si… well any way visit my blog at http://www.superoak77.blogspot.com . oak man is a character i made up but yeah Keep on making video blogs thats awsome. okay gotto go update my blog. BY!!!!! plEEse ViSiT My bLoG.

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