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  1. “…And there are already lots of kids: kids learning to ski, learning to mow the lawn, even learning how to vlog. (Indeed, an 11-year-old vlogger named Dylan Verdi ended up on the ABC nightly news in January as the youngest vlogger in the world; subsequently, her 7-year-old sister absconded with the title.)”



    Congratulations again for making the news!

  2. hey- i just saw your dad’s (?) videoblog about how u got your videoblog all famous. pretty neat ^^

    oo ure interested in japan too- if you are interested in music and anime, u might be interested in japanese fashion~


    kk late-

  3. Dylan,
    Thanks for the comment you made on my journal. I occasionally post here anonymously as Matt S., but I guess there’s no need to do that anymore.

    I think your vlogs are fascinating and I look forward to every new one that comes out.

    Anyway, take care of yourself, and keep up the work with being awesome and all.


    P.S. I know this has nothing to do with your cute purse, but there’s really no other way to contact you besides these comments. Sorry for the off-topic-ness!

  4. Hi Dylan!

    I have a crazy idea for you:
    You should make an April Fool’s video!!!
    That would be sooo cool!

    A fan from… Belgium!!

  5. ohh my god!!!!!that video with toys of our lives was sooooooo funny.I absolutely looooved it!!!!Pretty soon we are gonna get a video camera and hopefully i will have a vlog….oooooh i still cant believe it.The way you used your voice and the way you talked and stuff was so……o coool.Any way,visit my bog it doesnt have uch butsstill…:)

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