Lunch With The Videobloggers

Today I drove up to Austin, Texas where the South By South West festival is being held (I might be able to go. ^^). We had lunch there at a place called Guero’s where I got to see Andrew Baron and Chuck Olsen again, and meet Amanda Congdon and Eric Rice for the first time. It was really cool seeing and meeting everyone.
I really want to go to SXSW.
So, after lunch me, my mom and Lauren went to a vintage clothing store called New Bohemia… I think. Anyways, it was really really cool. It’s really just like this one store downtown where I live, called Jive.
So, at NB I got the coolest purse ever. Usually, I’m not a big fan of really little purses like the one I got, but I had to make an exception. So, it’s a plain red vinyl bag with white vinyl straps and lining. It’s so cute! I’d take a picture, but my dad has all the cameras.

Keep coming back, I’m posting more video! I’m on spring break! Yeeeesssss…

5 thoughts on “Lunch With The Videobloggers

  1. Hey Dylan i was just diging around some of my old J-Pop stuff this afternoon and came across an album by Namie Amuro. Her older stuff is really good and you may want to give it a listen.

    You need to get your dad to get you your very own Nikon D70 :D

  2. Hey Dylan! I’m back in NYC and I miss all you guys already!! And yeah, we must see the new purse….

    Thanks for dancing with me ;)

  3. Omg! I want to go to SXSW! My dad’s band played there in 2000 and my brother’s band and my friends’ bands played there a couple years ago.

    If you get to go you are so freaking lucky!! If you like SXSW, you would totally dig Coachella. So many freaking awesome people are playing this year, but my mom won’t let me go!! I went in 2000 when Bjork played. It was rad!

    Good luck on getting there though.

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