Lotsa Stuff.

First off, hello to all odd todd fans, and odd todd himself. I’m Sunday’s blogger. :3 Yay!

So, in other news…
I got my top braces! …Sometime earlier this week. Can’t remember what date.

My debate compition is this Tuesday. I’m super scared. x.x;

Aaaand I had Solo and Ensemble stuff yesterday. I got a one (superior) on my solo and a two (excellent) on my duet with my friend. A two may be excellent, but it’s only two away from a four, which basically says, “Why’re you here?! Come back next year!”. o.o Oh, well. I did good for my first time.

And I got a cool shirt. It’s black with a turtle on it and underneath it says ‘Shut The Shell Up!’. ^^ Yeah.

Okay. That’s it. Videoblog later today. In Japan, it’s May 2nd, the day my idol, hide, died, so… I’m doing a videoblog about that.


3 thoughts on “Lotsa Stuff.

  1. I love you^^~! Well…yeah I’m a J-rock fan..especially Diru, Miyavi-sama, and hide ^^; So.. I’m gonna get an account here or whatever. *pleading eyes* frrrriendd??? lol Anyway, I’m 14/f/MN and my account on here will be warumono256 ..you can visit my other bloggy things at http://obsessed137.mindsay.com and http://www.xanga.com/warumono256 or somthing like that ^^; lol my xanga is still pretty new. anyway, seeya around i hope.
    much love,

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