I don’t write songs about the four Types of Sentences.

-_- My English teacher piles work on us.

Okay, last week was our 9 weeks exam week. For a study guide, my enlgish teacher gave us 110 QUESTIONS to do. Hardly any of it came to use, ’cause the test was so easy.

Now, she wants us to write a song. May not seem hard, but it is when you’re not a talented song writer.

We have to write a song on one of the subjects we’ve learned, Simple Subjects, Simple Predicates, Types of Sentences ect. My group chose Types of Sentences.

Well, we have to make it like the School House Rock videos. Exept we have to sing it to the tune of a well known song, explain it, use examples, and state what it is.

Mine so far…

Types of Sentences
Sing to the tune of “Jingle Bell Rock”

Types of, types of, types of sentences
Imparitive, declaritive, interrogative and exlamatory
Declaritive makes a statement
Interrogative asks a question
Exlamatory shows strong feeling
Imperitive tells to do something…

Thats all. Crappy, I know… -_- My friend Jordan’s is WAY better. She sang it to me of friday. Muh.