Happy V-Day!

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Okay, so, tomorrow is Valentines day. I usually don’t do much at all, but I decided to give out Bratz cards (sort of as a joke) to all of my friends. Then I though, “I should give one to the videobloggers!”. So, you all get to share this card! (:

8 thoughts on “Happy V-Day!

  1. Thanks, chika! I made a ‘fashionista’ videoblog valentine, too! must be something in the water..er the web or something?

  2. Dylan,

    Kewl — good idea of a videoblog valentine. By the way, in Nihon (Japan) Valentine’s Day is a bit different than what we are used to in the States. There, it’s expected that women give men cards and chocolates on Valentine’s Day. Men aren’t expected to do anything! A month later, on March 14th, they have White Day, which is the day when men are “supposed” to give women cards, chocolates, (giving flowers is not a big thing there). But alot of guys conveniently forget White Day as it is kind of a commercial holiday. Valentine’s Day is one reason I miss my days in the land of rhe rising sun becuz I used to get a whole bunch of chocolates as I used to teach English there and female students felt an obligation to give chocolates to their teachers. Over and out.

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