Check out Bria’s Blog!

Hey, so, all day today I’ve been baking cookies with my friend Bria for our Bronze Award (yes, I /am/ A Girl Scout).
So, inbetween out billions of batches, I set her up with a blog.
Go look at it!

It’s my world

She likes videoblogging…. will she start one???

4 thoughts on “Check out Bria’s Blog!

  1. Bravo ! great blog and great videos! I began to write my journal when I was ten in 1944, of course that was on paper, and somehow I was a lot more “childish” even as it was wartime then in Hungary, that you seem to be. I admire your blog and will return to it,

  2. I’ve never played DDR. Er, well, I have. But I lost within a millisecond. ^^;;
    Heh heh. My dad want’s me to do a videoblog about what I love about my life, but it’ll take me a while to figure out what to talk about… o_o

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