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Lunch With The Videobloggers

Today I drove up to Austin, Texas where the South By South West festival is being held (I might be able to go. ^^). We had lunch there at a place called Guero’s where I got to see Andrew Baron and Chuck Olsen again, and meet Amanda Congdon and Eric Rice for the first time. It was really cool seeing and meeting everyone.
I really want to go to SXSW.
So, after lunch me, my mom and Lauren went to a vintage clothing store called New Bohemia… I think. Anyways, it was really really cool. It’s really just like this one store downtown where I live, called Jive.
So, at NB I got the coolest purse ever. Usually, I’m not a big fan of really little purses like the one I got, but I had to make an exception. So, it’s a plain red vinyl bag with white vinyl straps and lining. It’s so cute! I’d take a picture, but my dad has all the cameras.

Keep coming back, I’m posting more video! I’m on spring break! Yeeeesssss…


A post about nothing. Because I have nothing to say. Nothing is new, really. Besides the fact that I got a book on how to speak Japanese that also came with a Cd (hard to keep up with. o-o;;) and I have a water color show this Saturday, nothing is new.

Er, well, if I had something to say I guess nothing really did happen… Oh, well. Nothing super great and fantasticness like everyone else.


Check out Bria’s Blog!

Hey, so, all day today I’ve been baking cookies with my friend Bria for our Bronze Award (yes, I /am/ A Girl Scout).
So, inbetween out billions of batches, I set her up with a blog.
Go look at it!

It’s my world

She likes videoblogging…. will she start one???

Happy V-Day!

Click here to watch the movie.

Okay, so, tomorrow is Valentines day. I usually don’t do much at all, but I decided to give out Bratz cards (sort of as a joke) to all of my friends. Then I though, “I should give one to the videobloggers!”. So, you all get to share this card! (: