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Me & Sara

Me & Sara

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I sure had fun at Vloggercon! Sara is so awesome!

I haven’t updated in 38247237492374 years. And thats bad, I know. And I SWEAR, I SWEAR, I SWEAAARRRR, that I will keep this going more. : D



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You count the months.

Been a while, hm?
What’s happend?
Nothing at all really.
I go to school everyday, I have stupid moments with my friends, always almost late for 6th period and 2nd period, do homework, projects, etc.
That’s pretty much my life in 7th grade. :D
I went to go see From First To Last on December 19. I want to go see The Academy Is… and Panic! at The Disco in the 24th of Feb., and I am going to go see Coldplay on the 25th of February.

I’m just kind of rambling on now, right?
So last night, Lauren and I went crazy with the digital camera.
I love taking pictures.
I went over to my friend Stephanie’s house earlier, and we took a bunch of stupid pictures on her Razr.

And it’s almost Valentines Day~
They cancelled the valentines day dance and all the kids are like, “NOOOOOO”.
I could care less.
The music at dances suck.

When I was in 6th grade, they had the halloween dance right after school (7th and 8th have theirs at night), and the line to get into the girls bathroom was longer than the line to get in the cafeteria, where the dance was.
Half the kids in 6th grade have parents who only allow them to wear lipgloss, so I don’t understand why the heck the need to be in there.
It’s smells bad in that bathroom, and there are wads of wet paper towles on the ceiling, just waiting to fall.


So, yeah.
I don’t know what else.
I just really want to go to the bookstore. Loveless came out the other day.
But I can’t.
Because dad is still writing the chapter of his book, occasionally screaming, “GOD DAMMIT MICROSOFT WORD SUCKS! UGH.”


Space Hippies?

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Well, well, well. Lookie here! A new look (okay, so it’s not that new..), and a new post. My Dad loves his new Xacti whatever it’s called camera, and, guess where it goes? In the car. To and from school. So, this is conversations in the car. Today, our topic is space hippies, a singer, Ruki, vocalist of Gazette, to be correct… never stated that in the video.
Oh, there’s music on the homepage… just so you’re not suprised if you bother to click in the link.
Ruki sure does seem to want to sound like Kyo, from Dir en grey…. Ha ha ha. Oh well! I love them (gazette aaaand diru) lotslotslots.
Oh, and just for the sake of linking more stuff (you’re clicking them, riiiight?) click this, if you care.
An Cafe, or Atikku -Kouhiiten-, Antic Cafe, Atique Cafe, or that band with the smile-happy drummer, camera shy bassist, donald-duck impersonating vocalist, and is that a girl? guitarist.
Check them out.

Okay, that’s all for now. Byeeeeeeeeeee.

Summer Days

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My dad says I was sucked into the Neopets vortex, but Super hero dad pulled me out, and HERE.I.AM.
So, this video. When all of your friends are out, that or you’re just to lazy to call them, summer vacation is really, really boring. I must click the refresh button at least, /at least/, four thousand times per day. I wouldn’t doubt more.

Music credits go to Do As Infinity. Song name is “Summer Days”… of course.


Heeeeyyyy! I’m still alive. ^o^ I’m on summer vacation finally… waiting ’til August so I can go to 7th grade (Yip.Eee. -_-).
So… welcome to my new site! Not a lot of kids under thirteen have their own domain with their name, and just their name. They may have a live journal… or blogger… or xanga, but I bet most forget about it within a few days.
The layout right now isn’t the greatest… but soon it’ll be all nice and customized, so, that’s all cool.
So far this summer… I’ve done not a whole lot. I went to go see Star Wars yesterday, which was pretty cool. I thought Anakin looked like a half-slaughtered turkey when he was lying on the rock… just a, if you could really call it this, a torso and a head… Yuuuck. The day before that I saw The Shining. Jesus, that movie is creepy!! I got freaked out the most with Grady’s daughters… Y’know, “Hello Danny. Why don’t you come and play with us? We can play forever and ever and ever and ever…” or something like that. And at the end when Danny was, like…. out of it. He was Tony, not Danny. And all he kept doing was chanting “Red rum, red rum, red rum… RED RUM! RED RUM!! RED RUM!!!”. Luckily I didn’t have nightmares… I just woke up in the middle of the night to the image of Jack going, “Here’s Johnny!!”. And there was this weird (suposedly) added scene where Wendy (I think is her name…) is running around the house away from Jack, and she hears chanting, and she sees this ghost. Well, from far away and upclose I thought it looked like a person in a dog suit, which immeadietly reminded me of Shuichi from my favorite anime/manga Gravitation, in his dog suit which he wears when he’s looking for Yuki (his novelist boyfriend).
Aaaaannnyyyways… Yeah. Nothing. So… I’m going to stop blabbering away about whatever happend to me, and let you move on with the thought that Dylan *will* have a new video soon.
Au revoir!

Lotsa Stuff.

First off, hello to all odd todd fans, and odd todd himself. I’m Sunday’s blogger. :3 Yay!

So, in other news…
I got my top braces! …Sometime earlier this week. Can’t remember what date.

My debate compition is this Tuesday. I’m super scared. x.x;

Aaaand I had Solo and Ensemble stuff yesterday. I got a one (superior) on my solo and a two (excellent) on my duet with my friend. A two may be excellent, but it’s only two away from a four, which basically says, “Why’re you here?! Come back next year!”. o.o Oh, well. I did good for my first time.

And I got a cool shirt. It’s black with a turtle on it and underneath it says ‘Shut The Shell Up!’. ^^ Yeah.

Okay. That’s it. Videoblog later today. In Japan, it’s May 2nd, the day my idol, hide, died, so… I’m doing a videoblog about that.